About us

who are we ?

A distinctive company in the manufacture of food and canned luncheon meat according to international quality and safety standards through using the best types of Halal raw materials and the latest methods of advanced production, All that under the supervision of professional team has high technical and managerial skills. Looking forward to the top by firm steps .........

Company's Goals

- To become at the top of food manufacturing companies which has customer’s confidence and satisfaction.
- Providing a distinctive taste and high quality products.
- Expand the spread base of the company by providing best services to clients and customers.


Taiba Food Industry company established , as a result of long experience in the field of manufacturing and trade of luncheon meat in which the company has depended on the use of local meat slaughtered according to Islamic rites in all of it’s products.

2008- 2009

The company achieved one of the most important objectives to be one of the best Syrian companies in the luncheon canned meat industry by relying on a very distinctive administrative and technical team in the company which on tributes to present high quality products that gained customer satisfaction and determine their aspirations & choices.


The company's team developed the administrative and technical working environment, which allowed: Quality Management Certificate And HACCP - ISO9001 - I SO22000 Food Safety Certificate Confirming the company's ambitions to achieve the highest food safety standards in its products


The company sought to open new markets through the good reputation known by its products, which helped to establish its distribution company to keep the direct communication with customers and clients.


The company is still moving steadily towards to achieving the excellence by providing new products from canned luncheon meat with a different flavors like: Pepper, Olives, Hot, and Smoked flavor. The company is preparing to introduce a new canned food products like: Beans, Chickpeas and Hummus .

Quality Policy

We in Taiba Food Industry are committed to:
- Achieving our customers requests by offering products has healthy and safety conditions to obtain our customers requirement and maintaining of the good reputation for our company by making constant efforts for the development and continuous improvement.
- Upgrading health awareness and responsibility among the employees in the company and working on disseminate the culture of food safety in all parts of the company.
- Creating teamwork and upgrading workers skills through continuous training, In order to achieve all of the company's policy and objectives.
- Compliance in all Syrian laws and international regulations standards which binding in healthy food.
- Establishing an effective preventive control system in all various processes and stages of production to ensure the quality and safety of products according to :

* Global Quality Management System. ISO9001
* Food Safety Management System. ISO22000
* Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System.HACCP

- Starting from the receipt of raw materials until arriving the products to the customers.
- Create an effective network to communicate with our business partners and Government agencies which responsible of all healthy, Safety and Quality assurance.
- The company's management determined - with God's help - to achieve its desired objectives by asked its employees to work hardly and seriously to fulfil this policy in deed.

Taiba for food industry

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